BCI is an innovative, physician-led, multi-disciplinary, high-performance sport concussion program founded on over two decades of concussion research and clinical experience.
How much does it cost?

BCI's High-Performance Sport Concussion Program utilizes evidence-based research to provide the basis of its sport medicine physician directed and managed program. This comprehensive program is unique to Canada and also provides an opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research projects that are aimed to continuously improve the standard of care for high performance athletes who are at risk of sustaining a sport-related concussion.

Currently, BCI is able to offer its advanced clinical program for one exceptionally affordable price that covers an entire athletic season. Many of our pre-season (healthy, uninjured) and post-concussion multi-modal assessments and services are not covered under basic Alberta Healthcare Service plans and are thus considered uninsured services.

Our Programs:

  • Subscription Program
  • Acute Sport-Related Concussion Program
  • Persistent Concussion-like Symptom Program
  • Professional Athlete Program.
Our mission is to bring innovative high-performance sport concussion assessment, management and prevention strategies to the community utilizing evidence-informed, solution-driven practices.