Innovative High-performance
Sport Concussion Program

Using cutting-edge technology and integrated assessment techniques, we are able to measure even subtle, but clinically important functional deficits that are imperative for a safe and successful return to high-risk sport participation.


No two athletes
are exactly the same

BCI is an innovative, physician-led, multi-disciplinary, high-performance sport concussion program founded on over two decades of concussion research and clinical experience. Our insight tells us that no two athletes are exactly the same. Each athlete is unique with a different set of physical and cognitive attributes that affects both their susceptibility and experience following a concussive injury.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a brain injury. It is a complicated process that occurs in the brain following a traumatic event which transmits impulsive forces to the head. It may result from a blow to the head or other part of the body. While we don't typically see physical damage from a concussion on standard medical imaging, we know that it does alter the way the brain functions.

Early identification and prompt intervention with targeted, individualized management strategies are critically important to accelerate the recovery process and ensure a safe and successful return to sport.


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Our mission is to bring innovative high-performance sport concussion assessment, management and prevention strategies to the community utilizing evidence-informed, solution-driven practices.

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