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The creation of this sport concussion program is the result of two decades of concussion research and clinical experience which clearly demonstrated a need for timely access to the best possible clinical care for high-risk community athletes sustaining an acute sport-related concussion.


Designed and monitored by a sport medicine physician experienced with concussion, our team utilizes a comprehensive battery of pre-season (healthy) and post-concussion clinical assessments which enables our clinical team to design the most efficient and effective individualized post-concussion treatment strategy possible for each athlete.


We communicate, in writing, with your team therapist and/or coaches during every step of the recovery process and provide written medical clearance from a sport medicine physician for the athlete to return to unrestricted competition / game play.


Our clinical research program uses cutting-edge robotic technology for accurate assessment of post-concussion neurologic impairment. Since it is robotic, it is more objective than human observations, and is able to efficiently measure the simultaneous integration and function of many complex neurological systems used by athletes during sport participation to detect even subtle abnormalities that a clinical examination and cognitive assessment may not.


Our multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals are leaders in their respective fields (e.g., sport medicine physicians, athletic therapy, physiotherapy, vestibular therapy, exercise physiology, neuro-optometry, sport dietitian, sport psychology, sport psychiatry, sport audiology and clinical research), many of whom work with high-performance athletes in their daily training environment. Thus, they understand athletes, coaches, and the demands of high performance sport.

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The Benson Concussion Institute was founded by Dr. Brian Benson. Dr. Benson is a sport medicine physician and clinician-scientist who is passionate about understanding the human brain, its function, and how it is affected after a traumatic brain injury sustained during sport.


It is Dr. Benson's firm belief that "If you are not doing innovation then you are merely following and accepting the current standard of care. There is a dire need for integrated, solution-driven, research oriented approaches to continuously improve the standard of concussion care in today’s highly competitive sport environment. An athlete's brain is the fundamental element required for athletic performance, and is needed far beyond the sporting arena". It is for that reason that BCI is working towards ensuring a concussed athlete's brain injury is managed timely, efficiently, accurately, and responsibly with a safe return to learning, social activity, and ultimately sport.


Dr. Brian W.


BPE (Hons), MD, MSc, PhD, CCFP (SEM), Dip. Sport Med.

Dr. Brian W. Benson has extensive experience and certifications in the world of sports medicine. He is the Chief Medical Officer and Director of Sport Medicine at the Canadian Sport Institute in Calgary, and has a referral-based clinical consulting practice in sport and exercise medicine at the Group23 Sports Medicine Clinic at WinSport. Dr. Benson is an Adjunct Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Cumming School of Medicine, Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Calgary.


Dr. Benson completed post-graduate training (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) in Epidemiology from the Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary, with a focus on sport concussion prevention, and is the principle investigator and collaborator of several cutting-edge sport-related concussion research projects. He serves as a member of several sport-related concussion executive committees in North America.


Dr. Benson has considerable clinical experience working with high performance sport teams and athletes, including Head Physician and Sport Medicine Consulting roles with the Canadian Olympic and National Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge teams, Alpine Canada, Skate Canada, Wrestling Canada, the Calgary Flames NHL Hockey Club, University of Calgary Dinosaur Football team, the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association, Calgary Canucks Junior A Hockey Club, and several of Hockey Canada’s National Men’s Ice Hockey Teams representing Canada at the Under-18 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Cup, Under-18 World Championships, Deutschland Cup, World Junior Championships, Canada vs Russia Super Series, Spengler Cup, and Men’s World Championships. Dr. Benson is currently on the NHL/NHLPA Second Medical Opinion Physician List.

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